Incoming – Legacy Themes

Over the last few years, we have released many superb themes we are very proud of, but in order to continue evolving and improving in an ever changing industry, it has become time to retire a few of our older items so we can continue to make our newer and upcoming projects even better. Our legacy collection of themes will be available at massively-discounted 35% off so you can still pick up a bargain for your next project, but its important to note, no support will be provided for our legacy items.


Why Are We Doing This?

The main reason behind this move is the desire to further improve our more recent works, as well as give more time to focus on upcoming releases. The themes themselves will still be updated should any bugs arise, however no support will be provided. This means that you can still use on of our legacy themes long into the future, but direct support will not be provided.

If you like to benefit from our five-star support, then you should check out our flagship WordPress themes, Foundry and Pillar.

Im an existing buyer, what about me?

If you have purchased any of our soon to be legacy themes, you will still get full support for the remaining time of your support period (usually 6 months from date of purchase) via our dedicated support area, so do not fret. We will of course continue to update the themes to ensure compatibility with the latest WP versions as they arise, so there is no need to consider an alternative theme in the future.

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