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Check this! The new theme from Jewelleries – Product®

[blockquote author=’Jewelleries’]product® responsive wordpress theme is best way to present your product. period.[/blockquote]

We love the full screen width and the very cool responsive video at the top. Of course these features can be customised through WordPress backdoors to become featured pictures instead, as well as change other features on the pages such as background colours.

We are unsure of the music which comes with the video and wonder if this is a permanent feature… it is a nice touch but feel it might put some people off venturing for long in the site. Can we have a pause button please!

Overall we love the theme, it is fresh and fully responsive, awesome customisation options and plenty of space for video. Plenty of speck for bloggers and YouTube fanatics alike.



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Wow look at what BTOA have produced! SpotFinder – a great theme for those who need the power of google maps to boost their business potential.

[blockquote author=’BTOA’]

Spotfinder is the ultimate choice when it comes to listings. Featuring customisable search fields you are able to create custom forms and fields and use SpotFinder to list virtually anything. Packed with a custom built front-end submission system, featuring a custom cart and paypal integration, you are able to allow your users to submit their own listings and charge them to do so or to add extras such as more images, more tags, custom fields and a lot more, all with no wordpress backend at all.

List Virtually Anything. This is the beauty of SpotFinder, by creating your own search fields, you can list any sort of listing. Out of the box SpotFinder comes with 5 dummy contents: Real Estate, Bars & Restaurants, Job Listings, Hotels and Car Dealership. And to say that this is a strict location based listing website is a lie. Our Car Dealership preview is a clear example that SpotFinder doesn’t just rely on a map.


This is a great theme for those needing a quick start website and we love that it can be edited from the front and not through any WP backdoors. Estate agents and such will whip this up in no time flat.



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Boom! Here’s the next one by ThemeBeans – Krative

The styling is close to the heart of Madinebor. Clean, fresh, bright, simples!

[blockquote author=’ThemeBeans’]

A powerhouse WordPress theme for agencies & businesses alike. Crafted beautifully – inside & out – Krative is a fully responsive, retina capable & highly customizable WordPress Theme. This is hands down our greatest theme yet.