10+ Event-Orientated WordPress Themes for July 2017

If your in the process of organising and event (or even just creating the site to promote an event) you dont want to be wasting time wading through 1000s of WordPress themes to find the best options, so today’s post will give you our top choices for the best themes in July 2017 for Events, Meetings and Conferences.


1. Meetup | Conference & Event WordPress Theme

It would be remiss of us not to start this round-up with our top event based theme, Meetup. Since launch Meetup for WordPress has been an incredibly popular choice for those looking to create a home page for an event and just one look at the design will show you why.

Meetup’s design offers a no-nonsense approach with a clean and adaptable aesthetic all wrapped up in an easy to use interface thanks to the bundled page building plugin, Visual Composer. The theme is provided with all the elements you would need to create a great site, so its well with your time to check out.

View Meetup by TommusRhodus




2. Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer

A true powerhouse of a theme, Stack for WordPress is actually a multi-purpose effort which lends itself to any conceivable niche you can dream of with ease.

As you can see by the outstanding Events homepage (one of the huge number of built for you pages provided with the complete demo data) Stack is the perfect choice in all instances and promoting an event or special day is no exception. What really sets Stack apart however is the exclusive Variant page builder which powers it, which is as simple as can be to use – but for those who like more control you also get Visual Composer, so there really is no stopping you when you have this weapon in your arsenal.

View Stack by TommusRhodus



3. Foundry – Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme

Ok so by this point you could accuse me of blowing our own trumpet a little (so to speak) – but when we have awesome themes which work for a niche, why not shout about it? Much like Stack mentioned above, Foundry is another chameleon in its ability to adapt to whatever you throw at it.

Foundry for WordPress is one of our most popular released of all time, and its not hard to see why when you see just how much it can be used for. Powered by the ever-popular Visual Composer page builder, the workflow when using the theme is simple and fast, and thanks to the carefully crafted custom blocks provided by Foundry you can create visually stunning event promotions in minutes, not days.

View Foundry by TommusRhodus



4. Grand Conference | Event WordPress

This entry from ThemeForest veterans ThemeGoods gives you a vibrant but flexible design and useful components which are aimed squarely at promoting your event to the fullest.

Grand Conference uses a propriety page builder which may take some getting used to, but once you do you will find creating complex pages, schedules and more is a breeze. The theme is also packaged with a whopping 30+ homepage examples too, so getting things off the ground is as quick as can be,

View Grand Conference by ThemeGoods




5. Event Station – Event & Conference WordPress Theme

For the lovers for flat design out there (I know there are at least a few left im sure) out next pick is for you! Event Station from Gloria Themes is a great mix of vibrant colours and sexy elements which will no doubt arouse the attention of your potential attendees.

In keeping with many themes of this type, Event Station is bundles with Visual Composer for an optimal experience and it comes jam-packed with custom elements and options to really give you the control you could be looking for so be sure to check out Event Station and see what you think for yourself.

View Event Station by Gloria Themes




6. In Conference – Meetup & Conference Business Event WordPress Theme

To contrast the uber-vibrancy we have seen in the last two entries, In Conference is a much more subtle affair but in my view, the design prowess demonstrated throughout the theme make this one my favourite themes regardless of niche.

Another refreshing feature of In Conference, especially if your looking to avoid Visual Composer, is its visual shortcode builder which is packed with 100+ shortcodes. The UI can be a little daunting at first but with well worth the effort with a design this strong. If your tasked with getting word of an even out to the public, this one should be high on your shopping list for sure.

View inconference by cmsmasters




7. Evnt – Event and Conference WordPress Theme

Evnt for WordPress is has a much more traditional overall look and feel compared to others on this list, but this is exactly why I chose to include it as not everyone wants the same thing, do they?

The theme offers what I would describe as a very utilitarian look which drives the users focus on what counts – your event. Bundled the ever-popular Visual Composer page builder, you can use the themes bespoke elements to shocase your speaks, schedule and more with ease.

View Evnt by Coffeecream



8. Evont – Event And Conference WordPress Theme

Ok so we took a break from colour in the last one, so the next theme I want to showcase is the marvellous Evont from janxcode.

Despite the awkward name (sounds like ‘wafer thin mint’ from monty python in my mind) Evont is the ideal solution for a gaming or youth-oriented event given its distinctive and vibrant style. The theme’s workflow is powered by Visual Composer, so creating your events web page in a very simple process indeed. Evont is also packed with key features for this niche too, in the form of easy speaker and schedule manager.

View Evont by janxcode



9. Royal Event | Event Planner & Catering Company

Royal Event by ThemeREX is a bit of a twist on the other themes in this list, in that its actually aimed for catering business who wish to cater for events but its overall style is such a nice change of pace to most others on the market today, I couldnt resits.

The themes design is elegant to the core, and this is elegance is matched wonderfully by the easy to use page builder (yes, you guess it) Visual Composer so if your looking to create something a little different, this one is for you.

View Royal Event by ThemeREX



10. TicketBox – Event Tickets WordPress Theme

Our final theme in today’s round up is Ticket Box by DawnThemes. The theme’s title, whilst not only being catchy, is actually in reference to the themes main focus – selling tickets – which it does via integrated ticket sales via WooCommerce.

Ticket Box is based on Visual Composer, so its a breeze to use and together with a wide range of theme options and layouts for the header and footer, you would be wise to take a closer look at this one.

View Ticket Box by DawnThemes

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