10+ Perfect Blogging Theme for WordPress for August 2017

Despite the overwhelming popularity of WordPress as a platform for any type of site you can dream of, at heart, our beloved WP is a blogging platform and today’s post is aimed for those looking for a more focused, lightweight and stylish theme for sharing your stories, articles and general blog content.

1. Fulford – Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme

Number one on our list today is our own feature-rich blogging theme, Fulford for WordPress. The theme has a classic blog style with a modern, clean edge to its design which gives you a beautiful stage to set your articles.

Being a pure blogging theme, you wont find any page builders here, instead the theme makes excellent use of the theme customizer and post formats to give you a very simply experience, so if you want to bring your blog right up to date with a new design and stylish home page, you need to check out Fulford.

View Fulford by TommusRhodus


2. Caesar – A Clean and Focused WordPress Blog Theme

Our next entry is another one from our collection, and much like the theme above, Caesar WordPress theme has been crafted from the ground up to do one thing very well, blogging!

Caesar’s stunningly minimalist and elegant style puts your content center-stage, and with the use of good quality imagery, as you can see in the demo the results are staggeringly beautiful. Being incredibly lightweight, Caesar is very a very quick theme indeed, and without the bloat of page builders and plugins, it works well on even basic shared hosting without fuss.

View Caesar by TommusRhodus


3. Eston – A Simple Notebook WordPress Blog Theme

The final entry from us today – Eston is out clean and modern blogging theme for those who love to write. Eston impeccably modern and minimal aesthetic make it an ideal canvas to make your own, and as the theme is purely focused on blogging, its light and quick to use.

Eston features just the options you need (no unnecessary fluff here) so it allows you to concentrate on what you do best without interfering. Although Eston is one of our older themes, you cant help but agree its design really has withstood the test of time and is well deserving of your attention.

View Eston by TommusRhodus


4. Higher Place – Multi-Purpose Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Higher Place from EasyBlogThemes is up next, and its one im really happy to share with you. The themes overall design simply oozes class, especially prevalent in the designers choice of fonts which in my view is sublime and make for a very easy reading experience for users with perhaps not the best eye sight (like myself).

Unlike the other themes features so far, Higher Place bring more of the multipurpose theme tropes into play by included a bunch of header and footer styles to choose from, as well as the ubiquitous page builder – so if your looking for a powerful blogging platform which can be moulded into a full site, id recommend you check out this one for sure.

View Higher Place by EasyBlogThemes


5. Izzy – An Unconventional Blog Theme

When curating this list, some themes I discovered were simply screaming out to be included, and Izzy from Dannci was certainly one of them. The style throughout Izzy is in my opioning stunning, with your articles featured image being used to great effect to create a sleek grid look.

On top of a wonderful design however, Izzy also is a powerful blogging theme, with support for five of the main post formats, so you can make awesome galleries and video articles with ease.

View Izzy by Dannci


6. Collecto – Magazine WordPress Theme

Collecto, from ThemesKingdom is a stylish magazine theme, however I feel its design and formatting would be perfectly suited to a blog also, which is why its here in this list.

ThemesKingdom have been around the WP-sphere for a long time now, and this experience really shows in the overall ease-of-use and design standard – both of which are exceptionally high. What I really like about Collecto is the way it almost reads like a traditional print medium, such as a book or newspaper, check out the demo and see what you think for yourself.

View Collecto by ThemesKingdom


7. Kindled – Blog WordPress Theme

Our next blogging theme for WordPress is Kindled from respected author, DanyDuchaine. Kindled employs a timeless, high contrast look with the use of dark headers and muted accent tones sprinked throuough the page which is bound to please your readers from the offset.

Kindled is a pure-blogging theme, so you wont expect page builders and such, but the theme is bundles with 5 custom widgets and just enough options to give you the flexibility you need minus the overheads – this means page loading speeds are lightning fast (when using optimised images of course)

View Kindled by DanyDuchaine


8. Recent – Magazine WordPress theme focused on readability

Recent for WordPress is the 2nd entry from Dannci on our list today – but dont think for one second this is just a copy and paste job, as this themes lazer-focus on creating readable text with good use of typography means its well worth your time.

What sets Recent apart from most themes, especially in the blogging niche, is it doesn’t rely in images to give your site the ‘wow’ factor – it simply places your content and the forefront of your pages and lets it shine. To me, this theme is a real hidden gem and with just 20 sales at the time of writing – you could create a truly unique, content driven blog in style.

View Recent by Dannci


9. Souje – Useful Blog Theme for WordPress

Ok so the last couple of themes may be a little too muted for your tastes, so allow me to inject some vibrancy into things with out next pick – Souje from BurnhamBox.

Souje for WordPress is a bold and beautiful design on the surface, with an incredibly flexible back-end to suit any niche of writing you could want. Offering 18+ header layouts, support for several post formats as well as loads of layout options for your home pages and individual post, Souje could be the bright design to compliment your writing that your looking for.

View Souje by BurnhamBox


10. EVA – Elegant WordPress Theme for Creating Stories

Our final theme is something quite sublime indeed, Eva from QuillThemes. Eva gives your blog a very attractive homepage, which the inclusion of a full page slider and several post layouts to choose from in a simple to use package.

Eva is the only theme in the list which comes bundled with the hugely popular page building plugin, Visual Composer, which is partly why Eva has been included in this list as it gives you the power to go far beyond a simple blog. If your looking for an elegant blogging platform with a view to something bigger in the future, without the bloat of huge multipurpose themes – Eva should be high on your shopping list.

View Eva by QuillThemes

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