5 Ways WordPress can Boost Your Business to the Next Level

Its hardly a secret that WordPress has become one of the largest platforms for the web, powering nearly a quarter of all websites on the planet – but if your not familiar with WordPress, or if your business is not yet using WordPress to power your site, it may not be clear as to why exactly WP is so popular. Today’s post gives you our take on the top reasons you why you need to make the switch to WordPress and begin expanding your online presence right away.

The Famous Five-Minute Setup

You may think that given how complex and feature-rich WordPress is out-of-the-box, that it takes hours and hours of headaches and stress to get going, but the truth is you can have a complete, ready to roll WP install up and running in no time.

Many hosts, especially common names such as GoDaddy and BlueHost offer a one-click installation script which do all of the heavy lifting for you (keep and eye out for Softalicous in your cpanel) but if you happen to host your site on a service which offers no such tool, installing manually is also a breeze and is comprehensibly covered in this tutorial.

Its Easy to Make it Your Own

Typically in the past, creating a professional looking site tailored to your needs would have been and expensive and time consuming affair, but thanks to the flexibility of WordPress you can radically change your sites design using a beautiful WordPress theme such as our own theme Stack for WordPress, in seconds.

Its perhaps this aspect which pushed WP into the position its in today and with the huge market of excellent free themes and truly awesome Premium WP themes you have no shortage of designs to choose from to compliment your brand/business as you see fit.

Search Engines Love WordPress

Using a platform such as WordPress has more benefits than being super flexible and easy to use. thanks to standardised code, search engines like Google simply love WP sites.

On top if this, you can use a wide range of plugins to really help get your site out to the masses. Looking to ensure you content is highly targeted to the keywords you want? No problem, Yoast SEO can take care of this. Want your blog posts to be compatible with Google’s AMP with zero effort? Yep, there is a plugin for that too!

The beauty of WP being so popular is there really is no shortage of ways you can extend and customise your experience.

Allows You To Engage with Your Audience

The huge number of plugins available for WordPress can do more than boost your SEO, you can also quickly and easily build up your very own mailing list with wonderful plugins like SumoMe. This can give you targeted and engaged audience of followers who are all eager to hear your latest offers and news.

On top of this, WP’s built in commenting system mean your articles and pages can each house there own discussions so you can get valuable feedback from your users when and where it counts most.

Help is at Hand

The final, and in my view the largest benefit to getting started with WordPress, is the huge community of users and support available.

Should you run into an issue/have a question or such you will find no shortage of help, from the excellent and bustling wordpress.org forums to paid developers who can craft bespoke solutions to any needs you may have.

Do you have any stories about how WordPress has helped you grow your business? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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