Avoid Bloat by Choosing The Right Theme for Your Needs


It can be tempting when shopping around for a new WordPress theme – to get the biggest theme which offers 10 sliders, 99 home pages and 14 page builders (ok a small exaggeration there) , however its almost all cases, opting for the next big behemoth will prove to be much more of a headache than it should be. Today;s post aims to go through the reasons you should choose a theme to compliment the size and scale of the site your trying to create.

Gauging What You Actually Need

This can seem like the trickiest part, but ensuring you have a clear idea in your mind about what exactly you want your site to offer and how to wish to display it will prove to be the most valuable task we look at today.

For this to work, and to avoid ending up with a bloated mess of a site, you must be totally honest with yourself. If your thinking of starting a small blog to share your musings or such, then an all-encompassing multi-purpose theme will not only pose a risk to your sites performance, but also hinder your creativity by over-complicating the beautiful blogging experience WordPress offers with page builders and such.

The same can be said for the other end of the spectrum – if your looking at creating a huge only presence, with several distinctive page styles etc (such as various landing pages etc) then you will be better served picking the most complete package rather than trying to force a load of extra functionality into the theme via plugins or custom coding.

The key here is honestly with yourself, and research.

Finding Themes for Your Niche

We all know WordPress is the best platform for most types of sites, and its wild popularity means there are no shortage of themes to peruse from all kinds of developers. This is good news for you as in most cases you will be able to find a theme which has been created with your niche/needs in mind which will take the legwork out of creating a stylish site by being tailored to your requirements.

A great example of lightweight nice themes can be found on our Portfolio. Padre – for instance, offers exactly what cafes and such eateries need to create the perfect site with no extra bloat. For the photographers out there we also have our recent Portfolio theme, Peekskill – which gives you a neat, powerful and flexible way to showcase your works with no fuss.

Finding a unique business theme which doesn’t look like all of the others out there can be a real hassle, which is why some folks make the mistake of buying the biggest theme they can buy in the hope that they somehow make it look different from the rest – our latest release, Partner, is the perfect solution for Accounting and Law firms. Not only is it uniquely and beautifully designed, but its very focused and provides everything you would want for an effective web presence in the easy to use packages we are known for.

Themes for blogging

Although we have covered some niches above, we cant forget about all you wonderful bloggers out there, In the case of blogging, less, is usually more – so choosing a theme which offers just the tools you need will ensure your daily writing duties are are simply as possible.

We have a huge number of Premium WordPress theme which can be used to create your perfect blog. Acomb is out latest offering, with a stylish side navigation panel and clean look. Next up with have Fulford, our exceptionally flexible and stylish blogging theme which will easily lend itself to any type of content thanks to its clean and light styling. Finally we have our classic blogging theme, Caesar – which brings your content to the forefront by offering a subtle, muted and understated style.

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