10+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes
for June 2017

There is certainly no shortage of WordPress themes aimed for the wedding market, today’s post aims to give you our picks of the best choices around, so you can get started on your special day’s celebrations right away.

1. Union – Wedding and Event WordPress Theme

Union is our first entry in today’s list, offering beautiful design with a clean and focused set of elements which will really set the romantic mood for your special occasion.

Powered by Visual Composer, the concise set of bespoke elements provided give you all you need to craft a stunning page without all the bloat and a simple to use drag and drop interface for building pages. Overall Union is the perfect choice for your event and should certainly is well worth your time to check out.

View Union by TommusRhodus



2. Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer

Stack has proven to be hugely popular since is launch just a few months ago, and a quick look at the wonderful demo will make it clear why. Not only is stack simply gorgeous in its design and concept, it provides a wonderful and flexible base to craft any niche of site in moments – and as you can see, it makes a beautiful wedding page too.

What really sets Stack apart however, is the simplicity offered by the Variant page builder which provides the simplest and quickest UI to create pages in seconds – however if your looking for more indepth control, you can also choose to use Visual Composer instead! To experience what Stack has to offer for yourself, try our exclusive admin demos, the Visual Composer version or the Variant Page Builder version and fall in love with your next theme today.

Interested in Stack? Grab yourself a copy for the limited time price of just $39 today (available untill June 25th 2017)

View Stack by TommusRhodus



3. Foundry – Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme

Offering supreme flexibility and endless possibilities, Foundry for WordPress has been one of our most well-received offerings and has become the go-to solution for 100s of WordPress users like yourself, and just a glance at the feature rich demo will tell you why.

Based on the world most popular page builder, Visual Composer, and absolutely jam-packed with bespoke elements, you fill find that Foundry lends itself to your needs effortlessly. Check out the demo today and see for yourself why 1000s of users have been enjoying Foundry’s ease to use beauty.

View Foundry by TommusRhodus



4. Pillar – Multipurpose Multi-Concept Responsive WordPress Theme

Another one of our flagship themes which has proven to be very popular for WordPress users like yourself, Pillar is a unique and powerful multi-purpose theme which can be used to build anything from awesome landing pages, blog and of course gorgeous wedding pages in style.

Visual Composer provides the simple to use workflow its renown for and as Pillar is packed with custom blocks you have true flexibility and power at your fingertips. As with all TommusRhodus themes, full demo data is provided too, so everything you see in the extensive demo can be setup and ready for you to use in minutes (full video documentation is provided)

View Pillar by TommusRhodus



5. Honeymoon & Wedding – Wedding and Wedding Planner

Proving that a classic, softer design can withstand the test of time – Honeymoon by Envato Power Elite author vamtam is one of the older items on today’s list, but rest assured the design and experience are fully up to date, giving you a wonderful base with the extra flair needed to make your special day shine.

Building pages with Honeymoon is a breeze thanks to the inclusion of Visual Composer, so novices and experiences WP users can get up and running quickly – together with the themes inclusion of several useful pre-made forms, Honeymoon is well worth checking out.

View Honeymoon by vamtam



6. Grand Wedding | Wedding WordPress

One of the newest items on our list, Grand Wedding by Envato heavy-hitters ThemeGoods offers something new a unique for the simple creation of feature-rich wedding pages, a simply and intuitive live page builder.

The builder itself offers a similar interface to the regular WordPress theme customiser and whilst its a break from the norm for such a theme to forgo Visual Composer, the result here is a clean, simply and more crucially lightweight solution, minus the fluff.

View Grand Wedding by ThemeGoods



7. Wedding – Responsive Wedding Theme

Despite the uninspiring name, Wedding is a vibrant, colourful design with some excellent use of CSS animations (and optional background music) built from the ground up to give your wedding a fun and stylish vibe.

Powered by the lesser-know page builder, Unyson, Wedding comes pre-packed with 20+ unique styles which you can use to create something unique and beautiful. VeroThemes are one of the smaller authors on ThemeForest but with 500+ happy users of Wedding, its a proven hit and well worth your time.

View Wedding by VeroThemes



8. Wedding Suite – WordPress Wedding Theme

Straddling the border between a multi-purpose theme and a targeted niche theme is Wedding Suite from WEBNUS, an impressive package (suite really is a the optimal word, well done WEBNUS) the theme offers an exceptional array of header and footer styles to really give you a complete level of control over your final product,

In keeping with many other themes on this list, Wedding Suite is powered by Visual Composer with a nice collection of custom blocks ready and waiting to be used, this means you have a truly flexible, vibrant design with a user friendly interface, ideal for your next project.

View Wedding Suite by WEBNUS



9. Fleur – A Theme for Weddings, Celebrations, and Wedding Businesses

Similar to our own theme, Union, Fleur for WordPress simply oozes class. The theme delivers a muted overall tone in its design and with some clever use of images, you can see it really packs some serious visual impact with ease.

Fleur is based on the most popular page builder for WordPress, Visual Composer so it goes without saying that forging your own pages is a breeze – but its the sublime styling and excellent touches (check out the count on the sliders in the demo) which make this theme a real contender.

View Fleur by Mikado-Themes




10. Qaween – Wedding WordPress Theme

Another oldie (but a goldie) is Qaween from ThemeWarriors. I chose this as my last pick as despite its age it still remains a solid and vibrant design and is certainly worth your consideration.

The theme is based on Visual Composer as with many of the above and comes with a plethora of simple to use options which mean not only is page created very straight-forward, but things like customising the typography take no time at all.

View Qaween by ThemeWarriors

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