Big Changes Coming to Our Back-Catalogue

As one of the largest authors on Envato, we have released a large number of themes over the years – and whilst we always strive to provide the best possible standards, and with each new release we streamline our process and grow our standards of course.

To bring our library of themes up to our current standards we are making some big under-the-hood changes to our back-catalogue of themes. Whilst these changes will improve the efficiency of our themes, in some cases you may see small errors during the update process – we are going to cover these in this article.

Essentially the update will involve a few steps, 1st is to the update the theme itself, then once done, you will need to update the themes plugins (Ebor Framework etc) and then install the WP Less plugin where applicable. For a run down on how to update, please check out the video below.

Updating the theme

For details on how to update your WordPress theme, take a look at our handy tutorial which will guide you through the process.

Once you update one of the affected themes, you will be greeted by a large notice informing you of the changes and what to do.

Once you see this notice, either click “Install and Update Plugins” or head to Appearance > Install Plugins to have the theme update Ebor Framework and install the WP Less plugin as needed. You can do this by hitting the “update” link within the plugin update screen.

Updated but Seeing Shortcodes?

Once you have updated the theme and plugins, if your seeing code/shortdodes (like the example below) – dont panic, this is perfectly normal.

To remedy, simply head to Appearance > Themes and switch to any other theme, then back to your original TommusRhodus theme – Once done, the codes will return to normal.


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