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Are you looking to drive more traffic your website? Of course you are, after all, why would you have a website. Today’s post looks at a few excellent plugins you can install today to begin increasing your sites visitors with ease – you wont see 200% increase overnight of course, but using the following plugins can certainly help get your site in front of more eyes gradually over time.


Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post)


The very first plugin on our list is highly recommended for any site owner out-there, especially those of you who blog often. Revive Old Post makes use of your existing archive of content by simply refreshing your older posts to the front of the blog (making it appear as a freshly written article) which of course can bring new visitors to your older content as well as give search engines the impression you update your site regularly, improving your search rankings.


Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

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A very popular way to attract more visitors is to make it easy for your users to share your content and spread the word, after all, haven’t you click on a well-shared article to see what the fuss is about?

A great, and more crucially free solution to this is to use the excellent Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar. Its a very simple to use plugin which once installed will add a neat floating social widget which your users will love. Its also incredibly simple to setup – just install as per our guide and enter your social profiles within its settings page.


Highlight and Share

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Keeping in the theme of sharing, sometimes users will want to share a portion or phrase from your posts, which of course means more links and eyes on your content. Installing a plugin such as Highlight and Share can make this process very simple, the user simply highlights what they want and can instantly share it to popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook.


WordPress Related Posts

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Keeping visitors on your site is key to traffic growth, so having an nice and easy way to guide them onto other articles of yours they may enjoy – having a related posts area is a must. WordPress Related Posts make this task very straight forward – requiring very little work to get things going. The plugin also handles sharing of these related posts to all major networks too, so there is no reason any one who loves your work cant share your articles with there friends.


Yoast SEO 

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Now this one may not be new to some of you out there, especially our regular readers as we have mentioned this wonderful plugin before however its always with mentioning this SEO powerhouse. Yoast SEO will help your traffic by ensure your content is optimised in way to attract the users you want as well as increase search rankings, for full details check out our article here.

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