The Change Log – Feb 2018

Unlike January, February was a much calmer month. In mid February we released a new theme, Cory, with one of our design parters. Unfortunately this partner had unwittingly given another author the rights to release this theme also, and, since we were second to receive these rights, it seemed only fair that we remove our theme. This was a big disappointment since I personally invested quite some time in producing this theme, but no matter.

Look out for our first free theme in a while coming soon, the free theme will be based on Cory in an effort to recoup some of my wasted time, and will be available through in our WordPress themes section.

Throughout the month I’ve been working on our upcoming theme, Gaze, check out the demo now. It’s due for release around the 5th of March and we’re really looking forward to it!

Full February 2018 Changelog

Feb 8th

  • Updated Creatink to v1.0.2

Feb 12th

  • Released Cory – Removed

Feb 16th

  • Updated Creatink to v1.0.3

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