The Change Log – Jan 2018

Welcome to the first (of many) monthly change log posts. I intend for this post series to be a roundup of the month in terms of what we’ve been doing, what we’re working on, and what we released.

January was a busy month, with plenty of theme updates, a new theme; Creatink was released, and two new themes in the pipeline.

On the 12th of January Instagram had an unannounced API change which affected a number of our themes, we had those affected updated within 24 hours so that our customers could get back to the websites they love.

The first new theme I’ve been working on already has a demo – which you should check out. Cory is a tiny, elegant, portfolio / agency WordPress theme, and is also our first theme to run on Elementor Page Builder! Elementor is a new name to the page building game, but they are making a huge splash in terms of usability and load speeds by comparison to some alternatives, we’re going to be testing the water with Cory + Elementor so let us know what you think, should we move our future themes onto Elementor? Keep an eye out for Cory coming in early February.

The second new theme I have in the works does not have a demo yet, it’s a conversion of the HTML template, Gaze, which is already available on Themeforest. Expect to see the WordPress version available in late February.

Full January 2018 Changelog

Throughout Jan

  • Working on converting Cory
  • Working on converting Gaze

Jan 2nd

  • updated Stack to v1.5.2
  • updated Loom to v2.0.6

Jan 4th

  • updated Pillar to v1.1.11

Jan 5th

  • updated Stack to v1.5.3

Jan 12th – Instagram Apocalypse Day

  • updated Stack to v1.5.4
  • updated Foundry to v2.1.1
  • updated Lydia to v1.1.7
  • updated Kwoon to v1.0.18
  • updated Hygge to 1.0.9
  • Malory & Malefic Instagram issues fixed via Ebor Framework 1.4.7
  • updated Lumos to v1.0.11
  • updated Kubb to v2.0.11

Jan 15th

  • HOTFIX for carousels – updated Foundry to v2.1.2

Jan 19th

  • updated Griddr to v1.0.1

Jan 25th

  • updated Stack to v1.5.5

Jan 29th

  • Release Creatink v1.0.0

Jan 31st

  • Updated Creatink to v1.0.1

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