Essential Checklist for Launching a Site


Unleashing a brand new site on the world is an exciting time, and sometimes that excitement can lead to a few cut corners or mistakes which can easily be avoided. Today’s post gives you a concise list of things to ensure you have in place prior to launch.

Review All Content and Pages

This may seem like a real hassle but if your content contains spelling errors or broken links, its not going to leave a good impression with your viewers so taking a few hours to really check each and every page or your site will really help ensure things are all ship-shape. If you’re a little clumsy at spelling (like me) Jetpack has a built in module for this which really helps out.

Setup a Privacy or Terms of Service Page

It does not matter what kind of site your looking about to release to the world, and it may not seem applicable to you, but having a robust terms or service/privacy policy page provides a good safeguard for your site as well as gives your viewers a feeling of confidence. The process of writing up these pages can seem daunting however there is no need to call in legal advice for most people and excellent plugins such asĀ Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can do all the heavy work for you in just a few clicks – so there really is no excuse not to have one.

Ensure Search Engines Love You

Optimising your content so it can be found is essential otherwise whats the point of building a website? Usually the whole process can be quite laborious however, thankfully we have covered this in our handy guide on WordPress Search Engine Optimisation.

Another part of appealing to the likes of Google is ensuring your site is speedy. It goes without saying that expecting stellar performance from a budget host is simply not feasible, so its essential to start with a decent host, however factors such as caching and image sizes can also have an adverse effect on how quickly your site loads, so be sure to checkout our comprehensive guide on Speeding up WordPress for actionable tips you can put to work today.

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