Featured Site of the Month – 4Di Capital

Whilst providing our highly-regarded support to our users, Im often presented with some excellent sites that have been created using our themes, so much so, that I have decided to begin a new series of posts dedicated to highlighting the excellent creativity and our magnificent users.

To begin the series, id like to show you the wonderful homepage for 4DI Capital



The site has been crafted using our REFLEX WordPress theme however the developers behind the site have done an exceptional job of adding there own flavour into the mix.

Throughout the site the use of high quality images and videos has really made an impact, and the colour scheme in place is striking but stylish (so much so this site was the very inspiration for this series of posts) – check out their work for yourself here.

If you would like you site to be considered for site of the month, please email us at site-submission@madeinebor.com.

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