Free FTP Software for Mac and Windows


What Is FTP Software and do I need it?

FTP software allows you to easily and quickly transfer (or upload) files from your computer to your web space without using having to use cumbersome file management systems often offered by most modern hosting providers.

When it comes to working with WordPress, its true to say that you don’t actually need such software in order to get started, as most hosts offer simple installation scripts to get WP installed and running on your sever, and thanks to WPs easy to use system for installing extras such as themes and plugins, there is a chance you may never actually need to open up an FTP app – but there are 1000s of cases where having a quick and simple method to manage your web files in invaluable, so its worth having one setup anyway.

Most FTP clients follow a very similar format in terms of how they are used, often using a dual pane layout allowing you to to simply drag and drop files/directories online, however there are numerous contenders around all vying for your dollars so today’s article aims to highlight some fabulous free downloads you can get started with today.

FileZilla (Windows & Mac)

It may come to no surprise to those of you who have dipped a toe into the world of FTP software that we start the list off with a major player on the scene, FileZilla. FileZilla offers an incredible combination of easy to use UI, lightning speed and wallet-friendly price tag (zero!). It offers support for regular FTP or the more secure SFTP, as well as much more.

If you regularly connect to a certain server, you can also save and maintain a directory of hosts so you can easily access them again in the future. FileZilla really is the best option for most use-cases and should be on your list of essential downloads when working with WordPress.

WinSCP (Windows)

WinSCP has been around for many years, and although as time moves on, its beginning to show its age in terms of its lack-lustre interface, it still provides a fantastic (and free) FTP solution and is still incredibly useful today.

The software allows everything from FTP to SSH (for the more advanced users out there) in one lightweight package so if your using a low-powered machine or just want a hassle-free FTP solution then you should check it out right away.


One for the Mac users here. Transmit is a plain yet beautiful FTP client that comes in bother a premium paid download as well as a free version. Its fully capable of handling regular FTP/SFTP etc, and offers unparalleled speed for the platform too – all in one gorgeous, native-looking UI.

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