Help us shape Stack for WordPress – What would YOU like to see?

Ok, so its fair to say I spent a fair amount of time shouting from the rooftops (digitally, of course) about our flagship theme, Stack for WordPress, and its been mentioned on more than a few occasions in my previous posts here, but there is a reason why I, and thousands others have fallen in love with Stack – and thats is its flexibility and ease of use.

But this alone does not make a theme so popular – one thing which continuously wow’s our customers is our responsive attitude to feature requests and feedback. Dont believe me? Take a look at this detailed update log and see just how much has been added in the short amount of time since Stack launched – its there for you in black and white.

As happy as we are with how Stack is growing with each update, we want to keep going – and we need your help!


What Would You Like to See from Stack?

This is where you can help us make Stack even better. Do you have a feature you would like to see in Stack? Perhaps you would like to see your favourite plugin supported? No matter what you would like, we would love to hear from you!

It doesnt matter how trivial or large you want, we open to your feedback and would take pleasure in helping Stack grow. Simply drop us a comment below with your ideas as well will be happy to see what we can do for our upcoming 1.3 major update.



  1. Hey as I requested below I would like to see a good support for lists with bullets points (different icons).

    it is absolutely necessary for landing pages.

  2. being less dependent on contactform7 for form placements is VERY important.

    right now, I can’t use any shortcodes on buttons except for contactform7 shortcodes.

    example: It’s really imperative that I’m able to use Thrive Leads on my own websites and that of my clients to generate leads effectively. I’d like to add a thrive leads shortcode on buttons so forms get triggered upon click. right now this isn’t possible which is a terrible shortcoming.

    So much so that if I knew this beforehand, I wouldn’t have bought multiple copies of Stack even though I’m loving almost everything else..

    if you would add those kinds of capabilities, I think I wouldn’t need more themes besides a couple, Stack included, for my own websites or for my clients’.

    hope this helps.

  3. I mentioned this on codecanyon, but I write here again.. Bacause, this is a mandatory for your theme I think 🙂
    I want you to add this features:
    1- After adding a page with variant page builder, if you change theme, or deactivate plugin, all the texts and images and styles are gone..
    Maybe we will need to use any other theme of you, then, all our workings will go?
    Friend, sometimes, we work hours and hours for building only one page..
    Anyone wants his work goes to garbage…

    2- I also want to duplicate pages, but for it, You can use some other plugins, but if this feature comes by default, it will be good also…

    Finally; Your theme is amazing.. Really… But it lacks only this features.. iKeep going it.. Good luck with the sales… Good luck with the life…

  4. Just started using your theme to build sites and really liking it so firstly thank for a great theme 🙂

    When building a site I’m referring back to your demo site with all it’s example pages, elements, blocks etc – when I’ve found something I want to include in my site, eg Footer Short 3, from the demo site, its then hard to find / select in the Footer Layout Settings as none of the options are called Footer Short 3 or anything remotely similar. So what should be a quick select takes much more time to find the layout wanted. A code at the start of the footer layout name/description would work well I think – so long as it’s included in the site demo of course 🙂

    As I’ve said, just getting started so will post again if I think of anything else.

    As I said

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