How to Add Custom Styles to Our Themes

Although our range of Premium WordPress Themes offer a great level of flexibility in the design, sometimes you need something a little more. This is where CSS comes into play. CSS is the code used by your browser so knows how to make your lovely html appear to the user and if leveraged correctly can really give your theme your own unique flavor – but how/where should you add this CSS? This is what we are exploring in today’s post.

Option 1 – The Theme Options

Our themes all offer a neat area where you can apply your own CSS styling – this can be found within the theme options panel (Appearance > Customize > Style Settings > Custom CSS). This area is ideal for small tweak, and for those interested the code is placed in the head of the document to ensure it can take precedence over most other styling. If, however your adding 100s and 100s of lines of code – this is probably not the best solution for you.

Option 2 – Visual Composer Custom CSS Area

Although this only applies to our more recent, Visual Composer powered themes (Such as our flagship theme, Foundry) – this area provided by VC provided a valuable alternative for applying styles to a single page only. After all, why would you want to have CSS for a specific area clogging up the rest of your site?

To find this area, simply navigate to any page running Visual Composer and locate this icon to open the CSS area.


Option 3 – Child Theme

If your really going to town with your customization, then a child theme really is a must. It basically acts as ‘layer’ above the theme which you can do with as you wish, whilst leaving the main theme intact. This is especially useful when updating your theme also.

For further details on how to use child themes, why not check out our WP Basics post, The World Of Child Themes


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