How To Import Revolution Slider Demo Data

A large number of our theme’s include the magnificent Revolution Slider plugin which allow you to create stunning, powerful and flexible sliders and more with ease, however as the demo sliders we provide are handled independently to regular WordPress data so today’s post will guide you through the process of importing such data.

How Do I Know If I need to Import a Demo Slider?

Although we make every effort to make the setup process of our themes as simple as possible, not all WordPress data can be installed in one swoop. This is especially true for Revolution Slider data which in many cases is much larger in file size to regular WordPress xml data and so is handled differently. So you have recent setup one of our theme’s and you notice a warning message like the one below, you will need to import the demo slider.

Importing A Demo Slider

The process of importing a demo slider is super simple. First locate your main download package from ThemeForest (the zip which contained the documentation, demo files and the theme itself) and within the Demo Data folder you will find any applicable demo sliders like you see here.

Now you have the demo sliders ready, head to Slider Revolution in your WordPress dashboard and click “Import Slider” to begin, like you see below

Each slider is importing individually, so be aware you may need to repeat this for each slider included with your theme. Once done, that’s it! Your error message will be replaced by a nifty slider and you can continue to enjoy your wonderful new theme.

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