How to Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog can seem like a daunting task,  with so many things to think about its tough to know where to begin so this post will guide you through each step of the way. Whether you’re looking to simply share your musings on the world around you, or create the next popular receipt blog, by the end of this article you will be ready to take on the world and share your content to the masses.

Arrange Hosting and Choose Your Domain

This is probably one of the hardest decisions so its best to get this out of the way early. Hosting itself can be a minefield as there is no shortage of hosting companies around who pretty much all seem to claim to be the best but for reliably, we always recommend using a well known host such as WPEngine, or if you wish to keep things on a smaller budget, Bluehost.

Many hosts offer a free domain when you sign up to their service, including the ones mentioned above which you can take advantage of, however if you wish to handle your domain registration separately from your hosting however, I find the best prices and service can be found over at the good folks of NameCheap.

Setup WordPress

Almost every hosting service offers a simple 1-click installation service for WordPress, especially WPEngine and Bluehost. This allows you to simply log into your servers control panel and install WP in just a few moments, however if you happen to find your hosts do not offer this then we have you covered, just check out our full guide – How to Install WordPress.

For an overview of how to get started with WordPress on Bluehost check out this video tutorial.

Choose Your Perfect Theme

Having the right WordPress theme in place is essential. Your choice of theme will not only affect the overall aesthetic of your new blog, but if you choose wisely you can expect even more functionality that what WordPress offers by default, allowing you to expand beyond ‘just a blog’ and create awesome pages with ease.

We have a number of content focussed blogging themes available, Cesar and Eston which are perfect for creating a beautiful and rich blog, however for the ultimate in flexibility our flagship theme Foundry can be moulded to suit every taste.

Installing Your Theme

Installation of your theme should be very straight forward, but if your not familiar with WP or if your chosen theme doesnt have documentation, you can find a great article on the process here.

All of our themes here at TommusRhodus are bundles with superb documentation in both written and video form. Here is an example from our Foundry video series.

Next Steps

From here, you should now be ready to start writing your first smash-hit blog post, however to really kick things off in style you should check out our article on Essential Plugins for your new WordPress site.

For more hint, tips and tutorials, aimed and the novice WordPress users like your self, then be sure to take a look at our WordPress Basics series.

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