Important Update Regarding Our Support Desk

Some of you may have noticed intermittent down-time and occasional difficulties when trying to access our dedicated support area, this post is an overview of whats been happening as well as an look at what we going to do moving forward.

Downtime and Access Issues

I’d first like to address the recent spate of downtime we have seen in recent weeks. Our support service provider, Ticksy – has been our base of operations for a long time now, and in that time we have helped nearly 20000 users via our tickets and we have been very pleased, however as Ticksy has grown in popularity and features, the strain this kind of application places on servers has begun to show.

The good news here is the Ticksy’s creator reached out for help getting things under control and im pleased to say help was found in the form a new SysAdmin and the site has been migrated onto a new host. For the most part since the move we have been very few issues, however today we got word from the Ticksy team that the migration had caused an unfortunate side effect.

Potential Security Issue

Due to complications with the caching within Ticksy’s new server, the have been a small number of cases where login sessions where ‘jumbled up’ both users and support agents like ourselves where being logged into other account. This has now been patched up and futher investigations are happening to ensure this cant happen again – we can only apologise on behalf of Ticksy to our customers for any issues caused, thought we thanks the Ticksy team for keeping us informed.

Next Steps

Whilst he do hope Ticksy will be back up and running as it should soon, we are looking into alternative avenue’s such as HelpScout for handling support whilst keeping things as slick as easy as normal for our buyers, but no matter what happens you can be assure we will do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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