Improve Your Sites SEO With These Essential WordPress Plugins


In today;s post we are going to round up some excellent, and more crucially FREE plugins you and install and run right now to begin improving your sites search rankings as well as boost your overall user experience. These are all simply plugins that require little work to get going, but will contribute over time to boosting your site with little effort.

Title Experiments Free

Sometimes, choosing a title for your blog post seems like a simple affair – just choose a snazzy line that describes the contents and your all set right? Well, perhaps not – your users may not find the title enticing enough and without your knowledge, you could be loosing readers though no real fault of your own. This is where the magnificent Title Experiments Free plugin shines. Title Experiments Free allows you to set a number of titles for your posts and then gives you simple to use analytics so you can see exactly what your audience react to. This means you can not only hone your new posts to perfection to find your ‘sweet spot’ – but it can also allow you to revive older posts and bring them to the attention of a whole new crowd.

Republish Old Posts

If you have a number of articles on your site, its inevitable that your older content can easily become lost over time as more and more content is added. To help keep your content fresh, in both the eyes of your users as well as search bots, we recommend the use of the wonderful Republish Old Posts plugin. Its a very simply tool that automates the process of re-publishing your older posts, so they appear new. This will not only bring them to the forefront of you site once more, but will also make your site look more active than it is, which is something search engines love.

Revive Old Posts

Continuing along from the previous plugin, its also a great idea to periodically share your older articles to various social sites like Twitter and Facebook etc. This can help draw attention to content which some may have missed and of course, the more links on social media your site has, the better it will be ranked by the big search engines out there. Revive Old Posts handles this for you perfectly, taking just a few moments to set it up how you like – it can really help to gain new a new audience to your long-forgotten articles with no effort.

Floating Social Bar

This may not to be everyone’s tastes, but having a simple and easily reachable way for your users to share your content can really help your users engage and spread your work, which in turn will boost your rankings as more users visit your site to see what all the social fuss is about. Floating Social Bar is an incredibly simple plugin which places a neat, and more crucially unmissable bar on your site which your visitors can use to share your work to the masses.

Yoast SEO

Ok, so I know we have covered this on more than one occasion – but the truth of the matter is Yoast SEO is THE plugin of choice for a good reason, it just works! Yoast SEO fills in an area which WordPress is still a a little lacking, and thats total control of your sites titles and meta-data which are crucial things to consider when trying to rank your content/site within any niche. The plugin itself is very simply to setup, and for the most part if can begin improving your rankings without any input by yourself – however, its worth spending some time auditing your content and honing in your keywords as this will be when you really begin to see results.

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