Incoming Theme: Stack for WordPress’s Simple Demo Data Setup


Stack for WordPress is nearing completion, and as we add the final touches to what we hope will be our biggest release to date, I would like to share the incredible, all new demo data system which allows you to setup the entire demo data (and we mean everything, pages, menus, widgets etc) in just one single click.

Here at TommusRhodus themes, we strive to always offer the simplest and quickest setup process for our themes. For some time we have used a decent solution which imports most of the demo data for you but it had been a little lacking (menus must be assigned once the import is complete, as well as your front page/blog page settings etc) so we have been eager to find a solution which offers a complete package and less fuss for you, our users. Thanks to the magnificent One Click Demo Data plugin, which is installed as part of our Stack’s┬ásetup process, you can have a complete replica of the demo site in seconds. To see the process in action, and to witness just how sleek and quick Stacks setup process can be – check out the video guide below.

Using this system, setting up a theme from zero to a complete site takes just a few moments – from the moment the process is complete you will have a complete site you can build upon to create your ultimate web presence.

We are looking forward to releasing Stack very soon (we are aiming for a launch around 21st Feb 2017) – if you would like to be notified the moment Stack is available, be sure subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and updated. In the meantime, why not check our the Stack demo (still in progress) and see what all the fuss is about.

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