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Although WordPress has a perfectly functional gallery built into it, for anything other than very basic image galleries, its frankly a little lacking. There have been many, many plugins over the years which have tried to bolster the WP gallery function by trying to pack more and more into a UI that just was not built for it, so the folks over at Envira Gallery thought they would do something very different.

Envira Gallery is a total re-imagining of how galleries should be within WordPress, offering the kind of flexibility you never thought possible, with a clean and easy to use robust UI all wrapped up in a lightweight package. Today’s post will take you through some of the key-features available in the free version Envira Gallery Lite, which we put to good use in our latest theme for WordPress, Gallery.

Drag & Drop Gallery Builder

Using Envira Gallery, not only can you quickly and easily add any number of images to your gallery, you can really take control of the ordering etc via the plugins incredibly responsive drag and drop interface.


Ultimate Flexibility

The plugin offers a plethora of options to really let you make your galleries unique and to your tastes. You can choose the number of columns (between one and six) as well as the image sized used, giving you endless possibilities when uploading your works to your site. We have showcased a few of the things the plugin can do over on our Gallery demo, check out the awesome Masonry Gallery and ultra modern Square Gallery to see what it can do.


Responsive, Stylish Lightbox

Another feature of the totally free Envira Gallery Lite is a sleek, fully responsive lightbox, which allow your users to check your images in finer details, even on mobile devices. Unlike most other gallery solutions, Envira Gallery also offers the same level of flexibility here too, but allowing your to control the simple, but often overlooked things such as caption position/orientation.


Genuinely Useful Premium Extras

If your a photographer or someone who makes a living with images, Envira Gallery has a number of premium plugins available aimed to make running your site as a business, a total breeze. From image watermarking to impressive social sharing features, if you want to take your Envira Gallery powered site to the next level, check out the Envira Gallery homepage today.

Gallery, our WordPress theme for Envira Gallery


Keen to harness the power of Envira Gallery, we have released our sublime theme, tailored to really compliment the awesome power of the plugin – Gallery – Blogging & Envira Gallery WordPress Theme. As well as giving you the flexibility of Envira Gallery, Gallery offers a feature rich blogging experience too, so you can not only wow your visitors with your imagery, you can show of your writing skills too. Check out the demo today and see just how gorgeous the design is in the flesh.

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