Introducing Uptime, Our Largest WordPress Theme to date

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the release of one of our most abitious themes to date. Let me introduce you to Uptime, brought to you in partnership with MediumRare



What makes Uptime so special?

Well, for a start the theme is powered by the awesome visual page builder Elementor. The simple to use but very powerful page builder offers a wide range of blocks for you to use right out of the box, but we went one step further and bundle in a whopping 35 custom blocks, ranging from eye-catching Hero elements to beautiful tabs and so much more.

Want to see the theme in action and get an idea how things work under the hood? Why not check out our expansive video documentation (and written of course, available online)


A Massive 35 Custom Blocks, and Counting

That’s right, we crammed in a huge 35 bespoke, responsive and easy to use custom Elementor blocks giving you everything you might need to build a stunning website with ease.

Looking to create a neat grid to present information to your users or guide them around your site? Check out the Cards Block. Want to create a smooth slider to show off your images? No problem, the Slider Block has your back. Now let me guess, you want parallax background images – maybe the odd youtube video? Yep – you can apply this ease in your Section Settings and it looks stunning as you can see here.


Launch Quickly and Easily thanks to the fully featured Demo Pages

Not only is Uptime a joy to use, we have made the process of getting started an absolute breeze. Upon installation you will be guided through the process of installing all required plugins as well importing the demo data. This will leave you with everything you see in the demo ready for you to do with as you wish.

Want to check out how things are setup with Uptime? Check out the video guide (taken from our expansive documentation) below.


Not Forgetting our 5 Star Support

Although we have made Uptime to be as simple to use as possible, we all need a little help from time-to-time – if that sounds like you then we have you covered.

We take tremendous pride in providing the finest quality of support for our themes as you can see right here, so you can be assured your in safe hand with Uptime and TommusRhodus.


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