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Its great to have your own website, a place where you can share your thought with the world in total freedom – however you may come to a point where you would like to see some returns from your time in the form of a little cash, well – this post aims to give you some ideas about how you could begin using your blog as source of income.

Its important to point out that this is in no-way a ‘get rich quick’ kind of plan, so if your looking to purchase a house withing a few weeks of setting up a small advertisement, your going to be disappointing.

Revenue Avenues

There are many ways you can make a modest income from your blog, they range from small advertisements to full product endorsements, they key is to find what fits best for you. If your blogging about food and decide to promote something outside of that niche, your readers may not respond favorably, its its important to keep things under control.

Advertising (Google Adsense, Banner Ads etc)

Starting off at the most common monetization method that you should consider we have classic in-page advertising. These can take the form of textual-links which appear in your content itself on relevant keywords to banner images which can be nearly placed in your sidebar. Advertising in this manner usually pays on a per-click basis and the amount you can expect will vary dramatically depending on your niche however if your site currently enjoys a lot of traffic, then these small payments can soon add-up to something more substantial.

The 1st service you should check out is the ever-popular Google Adsense, however there are a huge number of other players out there who can offer a similar service for basic advertisments – check out this great round up of the best Advertising Services in 2016.

Plugins to consider : Google Adsense, Adsense Widget, WordPress Ad Widget

Affiliate Advertising

Ever since the rise of the blog, affiliate advertising has become a great source of income for this who can do it well, but what is affiliate advertising and how can it help your blog providing some income?

Basically affiliate adverting is a more targeted form of adverting where you can send your users to a product or service you like for a small ‘kick back’. Generally these types of ads reap higher returns, especially if you target a high value item and the ads them selves can take the form of a review, a product round-up or more so you have a little more creative freedom in how you deploy these on your site.

A great place to start if your looking to get in on the affiliate action is Amazon’s Affiliate service, however for more options (there are loads) check out this great article.

Plugins to consider : Amazon Link, Amazon Auto Links

Premium Content/Subscriptions

If your offering quality content, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider charging your users. This can range from either locking down your current content behind a pay-wall to offering subscribers something exclusive to them. This approach can work very will in certain niches too, but if your offering out great cooking articles or quality tutorials or guides then its certainly worth looking into.

Plugins to consider : WordPress Premium Content, Subscribe 2

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