New WordPress Theme “Milli” Released

It’s that time of week again!

I’ve got a new theme out, Milli, and I love this one. It’s designed as a photographers theme, but really it’s for anyone that needs to manage an image gallery really quickly, really easily, and without the usual pains that this kind of WordPress theme has.

Milli is designed for bulk image management, bulk uploads, drag and drop reordering, image deletion from the front end, Milli was made to be simple.

Add to that, Milli has millions of gallery layouts, I’ve included around 20 layouts in my demo, but the reality is there’s literally millions of gallery combinations that can be made with my simple gallery controls. Control width, height, crop, margin, layout, all really simply, and change it anytime you want!

All in all, if you need an image gallery and you love WordPress, then Milli is the theme for you!

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