Securing WordPress

With the rise or WordPress as the platform of choice for 100s of new sites each day, is crucial that you take steps to hard your WordPress installations from the seedy-underbelly of the internet trying to access your data. Thankfully, there are a huge number of plugin out there which can help keep you secureContinue reading “Securing WordPress”

Instragram API Update

We have recently introduced a new option to certain themes which utilize the wonderful Instragram API which affected the following themes: Foundry Union LaunchKit Machine Meetup Pivot The reason behind this change was due to limitations in the Instragram API which limit the number of requests an account can make, and as we originally usedContinue reading “Instragram API Update”

Speeding Up WordPress

Page loading speeds may not be the most glamorous subject, but if you want your site to reach its full potential its something you must have as a priority. Since Google decided to add page speed into its ranking factors, you will find no shortage of information on this, however this post aims to give you the tools you needContinue reading “Speeding Up WordPress”

WordPress’ Known Quirks

Sometimes when we’re making a theme we have to deal with some of the known “quirks” of WordPress, these may manifest themselves in several different ways within your theme or plugin and may appear as bugs etc. In reality most Developers are well aware of some of the limitations of WordPress as a system, butContinue reading “WordPress’ Known Quirks”