I Won a Community Superstar Award

I’m not sure if it’s a badge of honour, or a badge saying that I procrastinate too much, but I recently was announced a “community superstar” over there on Envato. Read all about it here: http://marketblog.envato.com/community/meet-x-y-z-community-superstars-october/ Here’s a quick overview: TommusRhodus Hailing from the UK just like Gareth_Gillman (the Brits are taking over!), Tommusis frequently seen across theContinue reading “I Won a Community Superstar Award”

Premium Theme Development: Using get_template_part() for Switching Blog Layouts

This is post 1 of my Premium Theme Development post series, this post covers the question “How do you developers go about template switching”, which was asked by Level_1_Media in the Themeforest forums. What this answer covers, is, how can we switch blog layouts within a WordPress Theme? Well the answer is really simple, likeContinue reading “Premium Theme Development: Using get_template_part() for Switching Blog Layouts”

Madeinebor.com Updated!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally this website has been updated, all themes and HTML templates of mine that are currently available are added and there’s been a fancy new facelift to the site. Phew. One of the hard things about working on websites and themes all day is that when it comesContinue reading “Madeinebor.com Updated!”

Free WordPress Themes

Right now I’m giving away 2 of my themes completely for free! Yep. The two free WordPress themes in question are stripped down versions of some of my newest premium themes, they come with full blog support, and a host of other features including custom home pages, contact form 7 support etc. The only thingContinue reading “Free WordPress Themes”