The Change Log – March 2018

March 2018 Changelog March 2nd Updated LaunchKit to v1.1.18 March 15th Gaze released March 16th Stack updated to v1.5.6 March 19th Gaze updated to v1.0.1

The Change Log – Feb 2018

Unlike January, February was a much calmer month. In mid February we released a new theme, Cory, with one of our design parters. Unfortunately this partner had unwittingly given another author the rights to release this theme also, and, since we were second to receive these rights, it seemed only fair that we remove ourContinue reading “The Change Log – Feb 2018”

The Change Log – Jan 2018

Welcome to the first (of many) monthly change log posts. I intend for this post series to be a roundup of the month in terms of what we’ve been doing, what we’re working on, and what we released. January was a busy month, with plenty of theme updates, a new theme;¬†Creatink¬†was released, and two newContinue reading “The Change Log – Jan 2018”