Providing clear and concise support tickets

As Customer Support manager, I help and resolve issues for hundreds of users each week with various questions spanning our extensive range of Premium WordPress Themes – and whilst most tickets provide enough information for us to assist, we are seeing an increasing number of tickets being created which make it difficult to provide the 5 star support we strive for, so today’s post aims to cover the things you need to consider when creating a ticket over on our dedicated support desk.

Covering the Basics

Screenshots are incredibly useful when reporting issues and should always be used to clarify any queries you may have. Our support desk offers the ability to send attachments, but a great online screenshot tool which you could use instead can be found over at OnPaste.

When requesting support, its important to provide a URL. Providing a URL allows us to fully inspect your site, meaning we can check for potential JS conflicts caused by third-party plugins, console errors or styling issues. Without this, we are very much flying blind and so we cannot provide the level of accuracy needed to resolve your issue in the quickest possible time. We understand that sometimes you may not have a live URL and thats fine, but depending on the issue your reporting, you may need to setup a temporary site we can see to we can help to our fullest,

Together with a URL, a clear and concise summary of the issue is a must. If steps need to be taken to replicate an issue, then please do let us know – as the sooner we can see the problem, the sooner we have provide the insight needed to ensure your delighted.

Before Creating a Ticket Checklist

1 – Disable all non-recommended plugins.
2 – Do you see the same issue when using a default theme such as TwentyTwelve etc?
3 – Have you updated your Theme/Plugins to their latest version?

Be polite

This should really go without saying, but being polite and courteous when communicating with us really does help. We understand that sometimes you may come across an issue that leaves you feeling frustrated, but be assured I am here to help, just let us know as much as you can about the problem and we will take care of the rest.

Support vs Customization

In some cases, you may leave a ticket for something which is actually not within the scope of theme support. A good rule of thumb here is, if your trying to achieve something beyond what you see in your themes demo, then in most cases you will need to contact a developer to assist you, however if you see something in our demo’s and your having trouble replicating this on your site then of course we can assist.

Envato have a great breakdown of exactly what is (and isnt included under the scope of theme support)

In either case, we will help where we can, but its best to be aware of exactly what theme support covers to avoid disappointment.

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