Save time when using WordPress with these handy Plugins

We all know working with WordPress makes the whole process of building extraordinary sites a breeze. Thanks to an extensive range excellent themes such as our latest offering Pillar for WordPress you can create anything from intricate, expansive multi page sites to sleek landing pages with ease but there are some common tasks which can seem like a chore so today’s post highlights some wonderful little time savers which will increase your productivity when working with WordPress and more importantly, save you time.


Duplicate Post

As the name of this gem implies, its a plugin which allows you to easily duplicate content across your site with a single click. The can be a real boon in instances where you have created your ideal page layout, but wish to create other similar pages without having to start again each time (such as a perfect landing page layout or sales page for example). The plugin fits right into the WP UI as if its been a part of WordPress from the beginning, simply hit the newly found ‘duplicate’ link when browsing your pages/posts and other content and your all set. Click here to check out the plugin.

Instant Images

Unsplash is a fantastic resource for some of the highest quality, totally free to use stock images around and has been mentioned on more than one occasion on this blog (honestly, I cant recommend this site enough) – however as the site grown exponentially, finding images to your in your project can take some real time. This is where the magnificent Instant Images comes in – the plugin connects automatically to the Unsplash servers (with an excellent search feature too) and allows you to quickly and easily grab images you can drop into blog posts and much more in seconds.

Disable Comments

WordPress is, at its core, a blogging platform – however over the years its been expanded on and now is so flexible, you can create any kind of site you can dream of in a relatively simple way. This is great for most users, but in more and more cases, if your creating a business or portfolio oriented site, you may not wish to have comments available or they simply may not be appropriate. Although WP does provide a simple checkbox for disabling comments on a per-post/page basis, if your simply looking to remove all traces of the comments system in one quick and simply swoop, then Disable Comments is the plugin you need. Simply drop the plugin into your WordPress installation, activate it, and you done – its that simple.

WP Sweep

Keeping your WordPress database, lean and de-cluttered can be one of the hardest, time consuming tasks around, usually requiring a little bravery and working knowledge of phpMyAdmin. Thankfully, thanks for WordPress being so popular, there is a plugin which can make this task extremely streamlined indeed. WP Sweep is an incredibly simple plugin to use – once installed you will find a very clean and easy to follow interface under Tools > Sweep in your WP admin where you can prune and tune your database as you see fit.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup is an excellent free plugin which takes all the stress out of handling/creating backups of your WordPress site should the worst happen. The plugin itself is a breeze to use also, simply install, head to the settings to choose your backup period and storage (the plugin supports external storage for your backups) and your done! You can now relax safe in the knowledge that a wonderful plugin has your back.

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