Separating WordPress From The Theme

Often I’ll receive theme questions that are actually to do with WordPress itself, I’m writing this short post to reinforce that WordPress and a Theme are two separate entities.

In my support system I regularly receive questions from theme buyers related to either WordPress specific questions or bugs, whilst I have no problem helping with this, I write this post purely to illustrate the difference between the two.

A question of, “How do I add a quote into the post content with your theme?” isn’t a theme question, it’s WordPress usage, remember that a theme (should) only dictate the output view of the content you enter into a database via the WordPress software.

“I don’t want users who log in to be able to see wp-admin when using your theme” again, isn’t a theme usage question, it’s a question about WordPress itself and can easily be solved by using a user roles plugin or similar.

So next time you come across a thought, bug etc. stop and think whether this relates to the theme (output & styling) or whether it relates to WordPress itself, as if you think you have a WordPress questions, you may save yourself sometime by quickly entering into Google or the forums and finding a solution or plugin straight away.

Happy New Year everyone!

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