Simple Steps To Help Secure Your WooCommerce Store


Securing WordPress

The very first step here should be to ensure you have some basics in place such as a good quality host which provides backups as well as a few key plugins and tweaks you can add to your WordPress installation which all help keeping things safe. Thankfully, we have create a concise guide on How To Secure WordPress which gives you all you need to block any brute force attacks but also some generally sound advice to getting things under control.

One thing not mentioned in the article however is something which should be taken into consideration for anyone using WooCommerce, your site should enforce strong passwords. By default WordPress does a decent job of handling user registrations, but one area its lacking is its password field, which allows for far too simple passwords to be used, thankfully a plugins such as Force Strong Passwords will have this covered with just a few clicks.

Adding SSL To Your Site

With any online commerce site, ensuring you offer a secure connection to your site is essential. As almost all websites now embrace HTTPS, adding one to your site has never been so easy, and more crucially cheap! Your host most likely offer an installation package for a SSL certificate which of course is going to leave you a little out of pocket, a great FREE alternative can be found by using the excellent free SSL service Lets Encrypt.

The process of installing a certificate with this method is a little long-winded to cover here, but we have found an excellent guide over at WPMU’s blog to guide you through the process.¬†Once done, you should then ensure your WordPress site is fully compliant by installing the fabulous Really Simple SLL plugin which takes care of almost all issues in no time.

Be Prepared, Have Backups

Sometimes to the worse will happen and you may still be unlucky enough to have someone compromise your site, in cases like this it going to safe you a lot of time and of course money have having a backup solution in place you can rely so you can quickly redeploy your site in the quickest time possibly. As this is a common area many WordPress users don’t seem to have a solution in place should things go wrong, we have written a wonderful guide on How To Setup Your Own Backup/Restore System which will take you through a quick, but powerful plugin you can use today.

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