Spicing Up Your WordPress Dashboard

Sometimes the admin area within WordPress can feel a little clinical, so in this we are going to show you how to add a touch of flair and personalisation to your dashboard, as well as tidying things up by removing unused areas, all for free thanks to the world of awesome plugins out there.

Add a splash of colour.

Top of the list when it comes to add your own style to your dashboard is setting up your own colour scheme. You can start by taking a look at the options provided by WP, the pre-defined schemes can be found under your user profile area in your admin.


If non of these palettes are are to you liking, then of course there is a plugin to help create your own – Admin Colour Schemer.

Replace the Admin Theme

If you want to go a little deeper that just colors, then you can use one of the admin theme plugin available to give things a real overhaul. My personal favourite is this fantastic Slate Admin Theme plugin which expands on the default admin theme with some sublime flourishes such as new modern line icons and a more stripped down post editing area.

A close 2nd to Slate Admin Theme is the remarkable Fancy Admin UI theme which gives a contrasting, light and airy look which im sure you will find appealing.

Trimming the Fat

Once you have your site all setup, there are many areas of the WP admin you may not need to visit often, or perhaps you have built a fantastic site for a client and want to disable them from accessing site-breaking areas of the dashboard, you can easily hide whatever areas you want with the wonderful Adminizer plugin.

Adminizer gives you a simple interface where you can hide/display/reorder your dashboard menu however you wish, perfect for keeping things neat and safe.

Now you have your WordPress dashboard customized to your tastes, then why not take a look at guide to taking control of the login design and URL.

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