Spring Cleaning the TommusRhodus Portfolio

Here at TommusRhodus, we are extremely proud of our portfolio of top-quality Premium WordPress themes but as our standards (and overall design trends) have grown and changed over the years, some of are older Themes have become rather long in the tooth, so today we are retiring/removing a number of our older themes from sale.

Its worth pointing out that the themes are removing have seen very minimal sales during the last 6 months (though all our themes are of course fully compatible with the latest WP version – 4.8.1 at the time of typing) so we feel now is the time to remove this older items so we can continue 2017 leaner and meaner than ever

So, what does this mean for users? Essentially nothing, as the themes have been sold at a lower price without support for quite some to. so you can continue to use the theme without issue of course, but from now on the theme will no longer be available for download so if you do run into issues in years to come, we suggest making the switch to one of our new items and give you site a fresh look and feel with ease.

The themes we are removing are as follows.

  • Other HTML
  • Other WP
  • Ebor
  • Side
  • Elise HTML
  • Elise WP
  • Eston
  • Keepsake
  • Caesar
  • Logic

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