Stack for WordPress is Here, And Already is a Hit!


After months of development, Stack for WordPress has arrived and we couldn’t be happier with the excellent reception its received. As of writing the theme has been available for 18 hours and has already gained 186 sales. Usually, we can only dream of such an incredible launch – but thanks to you, our loyal customers, the launch of Stack for WordPress has been our fastest selling theme to date!

Why Are So Many Choosing Stack?

We believe the main driving force behind the surge of users scrambling to buy Stack is the inclusion of our all-new, ground-breaking page building experience – the magnificent Variant Page builder. Until the release of Stack, Variant was exclusively available to HTML users who purchased one of Medium Rare’s incredible HTML templates, but thanks to the technical prowess of TommusRhodus head honcho, Tom Rhodes – we have been able to bring the awesome power of Variant to WordPress, and the results are breath taking.

Variant provides an elegant solution to creating top quality pages in seconds. It does this by removing much of the unnecessary bloat found when using other page builders, giving you 280+ hand crafted blocks which you can simply drag and drop into any configuration you wish, all live so you can see exactly what your going to get. Variant really does need to be seen to be believed, so I invite you to take it for a spin and try it for yourself today – I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

As well as our awesome new page builder, Stack also comes complete with Visual Composer, so if you want to really take control of things, or simply prefer the workflow of VC, then Stack has you covered.

The Future of Stack

In the small amount of time Stack has been available, we have already received some excellent feedback and suggestions from our users, and as we love feedback here at TommusRhodus this will certainly help shape Stack, so if you have any ideas or if you feel there is something missing from Stack etc, let us know. Stack can only get better from here and we cant wait to see where it goes with the help of our community of customers.

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