Stack for WordPress, Our BEST SELLING Theme of ALL TIME

Its been quite a ride, but we are ecstatic to announce a huge milestone – Stack for WordPress has become our best selling theme of all time!

What makes Stack so good?

Since its launch in April 2017, Stack has gone from strength to strength and has seen several major updates which have each added all new features and requested additions much to the delight of not only our loyal customers. This approach of constant improvement based on the feedback of our users and helped cement Stack as one of the most popular choices for novices looking to create a stunning site for their own businesses and projects, as well as design agencies who are looking for quick, simple to use theme to really pack a punch and deliver websites their clients will adore.

This in turn has helped is gain overwhelmingly positive reviews (check them out for yourself if your not convinced) and has given us the drive to continue pushing Stack further and further, leading us to where we are today with thousands upon thousands of happy Stack users.

What Now?

Well, as far as we are concerned, the sky is the limit with Stack. We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon and have many more updates in the pipeline, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to hear from you – after all, its people like you who have helped shape Stack into what it is today.

So, do you have a suggestion or something something you would like to see added to Stack? Do you love how the theme looks but are holding back from buying a license? If so, why? How can we help?

We here at TommusRhodus HQ are proud of what we do, so why not become a part of it and have you say in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

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