Stack for WordPress – The Story So Far

In little over 5 months since launch, our largest and most far-reaching project to date has gone from being exciting ground-breaking idea, to a true staple of our portfolio and our flagship theme with an army of happy users – this is story of Stack for WordPress (so far).


The Origins

As with any truly great product, Stack was created from the ground up to be the highest possible standard of design, paired with an ease of use which no other design can match – and its safe to say that MediumRare, the world-renown design duo who brought Stack to life, excelled in every possible way.

Stack HTML Template (the design in which our WordPress version is based) was released to much acclaim and given our long track record with past partnerships in the form of Foundry, Pillar and many more – we couldn’t wait to get busy in bringing Stack over to an eager WP audience, but we knew in order to translate the unique ease of use Stack provides would bring its own challenges.

It was not just the sublime design of Stack which made the original HTML template so popular however, Variant – MediumRare’s bespoke page building tool is a truly easy to use method of creating static HTML pages in just a few click’s, was a true breath of fresh air and proved very popular with all users, but how does that transfer to WordPress? That was a question we knew we had to answer.


Making A Theme For Everyone

When we started bringing Stack over to WordPress, we wanted to ensure it was as flexible as possible so users out there who want finite control of things could create pages based of Stack’s elements in anyway they wish, and what better way to ensure you have total control that using the massively popular page building plugin, Visual Composer, so we created a huge array of bespoke, hugely flexible elements and options. This means that Stack + Visual Composer is the ultimate combination for exactly the page you want in no time, but we knew we could do more.

One thing few WordPress themes account for is simplicity, not everyone wants such granular control of things so the unique experience offered by Variant, where pages are built using pre-built sections all within an intuitive interface, would be a refreshing change for 1000s of WordPress users, so we got to work to make it happen.

The result is possibly the most flexible WordPress you can imagine which will delight developers or novice users, you simply need to choose which builder fits you best and within a few clicks you can have a full clone of the demo site ready for you to make your own.


Stack Launches, Smashes It

On April 4th 2017 Stack was unleashed, and as we reported at the time, it received an overwhelmingly positive response in an incredibly short amount of time.

In just 18 hours, Stack had been snapped up by nearly 200 delighted buyers so we knew we had created something special, but not one’s to rest on our laurels, we wanted to make Stack even better.


Feedback, Updates & Happy Customers

As of typing, Stack has seen many updates and currently resides and version 1.2.1, and with each update we have released all new features and options based on the invaluable feedback of our superb client-base. In a first for any of our themes we have fully documented the highlights from each update, check it out and see just how much has been added in the short time since launch – and were still going!

This kind of responsiveness to our users suggestions, together with the pride we take in providing the finest level of support we can at all times, has led to Stack being our highest rated product too. Its one thing for me to say this however, the proof is of course in the pudding, so if you want to see exactly why an army of users love Stack, why not check out the reviews for yourself.


The Future Of Stack

Well, this is simple – we will continue to make Stack for WordPress the number one choice for users who want awesome design and ease of use, and you can expect even more features and options to be added for a long time ahead.

Want to join 2000+ users all enjoying Stack? Check out the demo here, or better yet, try it for yourself with a fully features admin demo here, we know you wont be disappointing.


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