Take Pillar on a Test Drive Today


Have you been tempted by our latest WordPress theme, Pillar, but want to see what its like to work with before taking the plunge? Well, now you can test Pillar as much as you want with our handy backend-demo!

Testing Pillar

Pillar is ideal for quickly building beautiful pages in seconds, and although we show you just how powerful the theme can be with our feature packed demo, sometimes you may want to see just how things are put together before you purchase so we have created a wonderful, no strings attached demo area where you can login and take Pillar for a spin without any hassle.

Simply head to our products page and you will be greeted with a link offering to take you to our admin demo homepage.¬†From there, simply click on ‘Login to Dashboard’ to begin. Please note you will need an Envato account to proceed (so we can create a unique temporary demo area for you).

Once logged in, you are free to test pillar as much as you want. You can create fresh pages from scratch or even just browse the demo content to see how it is all pieced together. Its also recommended you take a glance at our extensive library of video documentation for Pillar also, so you can really see just how powerful and flexible Pillar is for yourself.

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