The Best Free Resources for Your Website

High quality images and videos can really help your site stand out from the crowd, and although there are plenty of excellent digital stock sites such as PhotoDune and VideoHive – if your budget cannot stretch to accommodate, its time to look elsewhere. Whilst there are plenty of sites offering free images, it can be time consuming sorting through endless search results before you can find something up to scratch – this post aims to provide only bookmark-worthy high quality resources which you can start using today, free of charge.

Free High Quality Images


One of the finest resources available comes from the fine fellows and Unsplash. They have been offering an ever-growing reel of excellent imagery covering all genres you can think of, and your free to use them however you wish courtesy of a very open license.

pexelsPexels offers a truly wide range of images for any need you may have, however the search function provided really helps you get to what you need so this site should always be on your go-to list.

Free High Quality Videos


A relatively new resource on the scene, but with an ever growing list of top notch HTML5 videos you can drop straight into your site Mazwai site is a must if your looking for something to spice up your slider or web page.

vimeoIn some cases, a self-hosted video may not be suitable for your needs – but fret not! There is a wonderful Vimeo Group which can help. They have a wide range of videos which are ideal for embedding in your site and add a touch of premium class.

Free Icons


Although all of our themes come with a wide variety of icons – sometimes you need something specific to suit your needs, this is where the excellent icon directory over at FlatIcon can help. With a massive directory of free to use icons, your sure to find something to compliment your site in no time.

Its also worth mentioning some of the fine work available to use via dribbble – once of the best icon sets available (Lulu Icon set) can be found here.

Free PSDs

Offering everything from product mockups to full templates, is the finest resource of high quality PSDs available, and worth checking out for sure.

Do you have a resource you would like to share? Let us know via the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

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