TommusRhodus Hits 50,000 Sales on ThemeForest

In today’s highly competitive market, reaching large sales milestones has become a rarity reserved for the best of the best – so its with great please we are happy to announce we have reach a whopping 50,000 sales on ThemeForest.



The Journey to 50k

Way back in June 2011 TommusRhodus Themes was born. We started small (as most folks do) and initially we offered just a handful for tasteful themes, however the Envato community quickly grew to love our work and so each new release was gaining more popularity than the last.

Our goal with each theme is to create a beautifully coded, bloat free and easy to use design, often in partnership with some of the world-best designers, and its this combination of sleek design and ease of use which has been our backbone from day one, and helped us stand above the rest in what was at the time, and much less volatile market of ‘themeing’ for WordPress.

One of our more popular early themes which is still available today is the unique, grid based single pager, MyFolio. The eye-catching visuals and sleek filtering menu effect really is a crowd please and certainly still a good choice for photographers and portfolio’s to this day.


MyFolio for WordPress – One of our popular early themes.


Another popular item in our portfolio which was a perfect foundation for where we stand today is the magnificent Marble – a classic multipurpose theme with a focus on modern, flat design which is still a common choice for our buyers today.

As of writing, we currently have a total of 50 awesome WordPress themes in our portfolio and each and every one of them has been crafted with love to offer something unique, but with the same level and excellence which our clients are accustom to, but there is one theme which really does offer the epitome of what we strive for, which if your not already familiar with – let me introduce you…


Along came Stack

Stack for WordPress is by far our highest selling theme (currently standard at 4250+ sales), and its something I have personally gushed about at every given chance (and I even use it for my own personal projects where I can too!) – but just why is it proven to be such a smash hit? Well, first and foremost is the sublime design, courtesy of our design partners MediumRare, as you can see from our expansive demo – Stack offers the perfect combination of modern trends such as flat design and bold use of colours. On top of this is a huge collection of bespoke elements and blocks which give you everything you could possibly need to builder everything from minimal design portfolio’s, to business oriented sites and so much more.


Stack for WordPress – Our top selling theme.


But its not just Stack’s design which has helped it propel us to 50,000 sales, the really killer feature is the exclusive Variant builder which is the perfect blend of visual design and ease of use. Variant gives you 100’s of built-for-you sections which you can cherry-pick as you wish and edit to your needs in seconds, but please done just take my word for it – why not take it for a spin for yourself by creating your own admin area to play with?

As many of our buyers are creating awesome sites for their own clients who need more modular control, we also give you the option to use Stack with the outstanding WPBakery Page Builder  – so if your looking for something familiar we have you covered with Stack.


Whats Next for TommusRhodus

Thats a great question – and one I cant give a definitive answer for really, but given the current state of the WordPress marketplace, the uncertainty of the Gutenberg project and the always increasing number of competitors around – the only thing I can say for certain is we will always strive to provide the same level of excellence in both terms of our Themes, but also the level of support we provide to our awesome clients.

Although we have no control of where the marketplace goes, we can, without question, ensue we offer the highest standard of support like we have always done, and i’ll personally (as head of support) do everything I can to delight each and every wonderful user I have the pleasure to interact with – and with a bit of luck, we will be celebrating 100,000 sales soon enough.


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