Our Top Articles from 2016


2016 has been a great year for us at TommusRhodus, we have added many more fine WordPress themes to our portfolio, answered 100’s of questions via our dedicated support desk, and published many useful articles on our blog. Today’s post brings you my personal picks of the posts you should check out if you missed them.

Caching Solutions for WordPress

There is no shortage of caching plugins for WordPress, so how do know which to try? This post aims to provide you with all you need to know to find the perfect solution for your needsĀ in no time.

Essential Site Launch Checklist

Launching a brand new site or project can be a very daunting task and its not uncommon to make a mistake or two. This article gives you everything you need to ensure your new venture is ready to rock and roll.

Essential SEO Plugins

Although WordPress does an amicable job when in comes to keeping your content relatively easy for search engines to understand, it can certainly be approved upon to give you total control and allow you to have full dominance in your niche. This article gives you everything you need to ensure your targetting the keywords you want, as best as you possibly can be.

Optimizing Images and Why Its Crucial

In this day and age, when it comes to web site performance – any slowdown is simply not acceptable. The biggest contributing factor to your pages load times are your images, which if left unchecked, can multiply the loading times your visitors face, so this post gives you all you need to know to ensure your media is light and ready to use today.

An Interview with Tom Rhodes (aka TommusRhodus)

In a rare public appearance, illusive TommusRhodus head honcho Tom Rhodes was interviewed as part of Envato’s community blog. If your interested in learning more about the man behind your favourite WordPress themes, check out the interview today.

I hope you have enjoyed this little round up of what I feel was the best posts from last year – 2017 promises to be even bigger and better so if there is a subject you would like to see covered, drop us a comment below.

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