20+ Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes
for October 2017

With so many themes available for WordPress, it can be very tricky to pick the perfect theme to suit your needs so here is our top pick of the best multipurpose WordPress themes you can download today.

Please note, this list is still being curated

1. Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer

Stack is a robust, multipurpose WordPress theme built with reuse and modularity at the core. Blending contemporary styling with exclusive page building, Stack forms the ideal starting point to website projects of any kind. Boasting over 140 demo pages, 270 customizable interface blocks and a plethora of carefully crafted base elements,

Stack is perfect for your Startup, Landing Pages, Corporate Sites, Agency Sites, Portfolio and so much more. Choose from Visual Composer or Variant Page Builder to craft your website with, both are included with Stack. Take Stack out for a spin and try our exclusive admin demos, try the Visual Composer version or the Variant Page Builder version and decide how you’ll use Stack on your site.

View Stack by TommusRhodus


2. Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Jupiter provides you with 100+ unique and distinctive element  which give you the power to create beautiful sites in just a matter of hours. For those of you who want flexibility from your WordPress theme, then Jupiter will not disappoint, as not only do you get every type of section you could wish for to start with, you have the choice of 18 stunning header layout and numerous footer layouts – so the possibilities for Jupiter is truly out of this world (pun intended)

View Jupiter by artbees


3. DynamiX – Business / Corporate WordPress Theme

Although not new by any means (the theme was released in 2010), DynamiX has stood the test of time and still proves to be a very useful theme to this day. DynamiX offers everything you would need to a neat business orientated site, blog or even forum with its included BuddyPress and bbPress support, so if your looking to create anything with a community driven element, you should check out DynamiX

View DunamiX by -ACODA-



4. Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It almost sounds cliche to say it, but Total really is an apt name for this WordPress theme as it really does over one of the most complete WP solutions available. Total is powered by popular page builder Visual Composer and is bundled with several sliders and tonnes of elements you can mould to your needs. Looking to create a shop? No problem, Total is fully compatible with WooCommerce too, so if your aiming to create a beautiful, lightweight site to sell your wares or much, much more take some time to check out Total.

View Total by WPExplorer


5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Vibrant, clean design is the order of the day for Uncode for WordPress. The theme is packed with all you could need to craft any kind of site together with minimal fuss. Creating pages is handled by a bespoke version of Visual Composer, so the experience is simple for newcomers and familiar for those who have used VC before.

View Uncode by undsgn


6. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

What we love about Bridge for WordPress is the sheet volume or pre-packed demo data thats provided which can genuinely give you a real head start when creating any type of WP site. Bridge is provided with over 200 unique and quite individual demos which really showcase what the theme can do.

Building your own pages with Bridge is also simple as its powered by Visual Composer so even if your a novice, you can quickly create your own stunning pages using the 50+ elements and abundance of header styles jammed into one great package.

View Bridge by QODE


7. Zeyn – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Zeyn gives you a unique and stylish base with a distinct, clean look in one complete bundle. The theme’s core UI is powered by popular page builder tool: Visual Composer, together with a host of custom elements

We especially like the simple demo import process which enables you to have a fully featured site setup in no time, a feature which will no doubt save you time when starting your next project.

View Zeyn by deTheme


8. Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals

If your really into quality, and controllable Typography but you still want a theme that’f flexible to meet any niche, then Kalium should be well worth checking out.

Not only does the theme offer many pre-built demos its also backed up with some killer features such as automatic theme updates, full typography controls and even an AJAX cart if your aiming to setup a shop. All of this is wrapped up in a beautifully design package which is why Kalium is certainly a theme we recommend.

View Kalium by Laborator


9. Corpus – Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

If you like things a little more on the minimal side, then Corpus is for you. The theme manages to offer all the elements and features you would want from a multi-purpose template (drag and drop page builder, loads of demos and options etc) whilst remaining understated in its design.

The unique style Corpus provides could really help you stand out, so if you want to see what it has to offer, be sure to check it out today.

View Corpus by Euthemians


10. Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Another theme which has stood the test of time is Salient for WordPress. The theme has been around since 2013 but to this today remains a fresh looking and incredibly useful design. Salient packs in a whopping 150+ pre-built pages (or templates as the developers refer to them as) and each one offer a viable and very useful base from which you can build upon.

Salient also offers a highly customised version of Visual Composer which really helps the theme stand out and makes what is a very good UX even better.

View Salient by ThemeNectar


11. Ronneby – High-Performance WordPress Theme

Muted tones and classic style are the order of the day with our next theme, Ronneby. What makes Ronneby worthy of our list is, unlike most others, it chooses to ditch the ‘flat’ colour schemes (how many shades of mint green does anyone need to see anyway) for what I would describe as a more vintage feel – and it does it to great effect I must say.

The end result of all this is a highly flexible and stylish theme which could really compliment your overall branding style and public perception by giving you just the right set of elements to get things done.

View Ronneby by DFDevelopment


12. The Core – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

The Core is an impressive powerhouse of a theme which offers one of the most complete demo sample data packaged around. Our of the box not only do you get 20+ sites you can use as your foundation, but a host of elements all baked into Visual Composer and much more.

This ‘kitchen sink’ approach would not normally be favourable however the developer of The Core have ensured everything is lightweight and cleanly coded so if you want to be up and running with your site or project in the least amount of time, The Core should be on your shopping list for sure.

View The Core by ThemeFuse


13. Brooklyn – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Brooklyn has been around for some time, and its one of my favourite designs which has really stood the test of time. This theme offers 20+ unique demos, which can be a great time saver when creating a fresh site, however we really like how well the theme lends itself to both large multi-page domains to small, simple single pagers.

The theme comes with all the elements you would expect from a Visual Composer based theme, with the added bonus of many custom elements and even a fully featured portfolio area for showcasing your work.

View Brooklyn by UnitedThemes


14. Honshi – Creative Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

In contrast to many themes featured in this list, Honcho is all about bold and eye-catching colours/visuals and the result is remarkable.

The theme ticks all the boxes for a multipurpose theme too, with Visual Composer being bundles + a host of options to tweak things as you like however the best feature is the single click demo import which loads your site with 20+ demos in moments, ready for you to edit as you wish.

View Honshi by Ninetheme


15. Creon – Business WordPress Theme

One of the newer themes on this list, Creon is the creation of ThemeForest power elite author, nunforest, and the result simply oozes quality, whilst remaining quite simple.

Rather than go for the 100+ demos route, Creon gives a decent and consise set of pages to start with, and all the elements you would need to create a sleek, business oriented site. Visual Composer powered the page building experience so you can be assured that building stylish, feature-rich content can be done in no time.

View Creon by Nunforest


16. Optima – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Another recently release theme for the list, is the impressive Optima from LA-Studio. Optima refers to itself as a multi-concept theme, which although doesn’t seem apparent, what they do have is a very flexible design which incorporates all the popular header styles and layouts you would want from a modern theme.

Perhaps the best feature for Optima however, is the very very customizable blog and portfolio area. Its not too uncommon for a theme to load all of its efforts into the home/landing pages so its nice to see a theme which also goes further for custom content.

View Optima by LA-Studio


17. Hala – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Despite the similar hue to Optimus (above), Hala has a unique ‘slanted’ look which can really help your site grab your audiences attention. On top of a solid design is a decent array of plugin such as Visual Composer and Revolution slider so content creation is as good as expected also.

If your looking for a break form the norm and want to escape the boxy look found elsewhere, Hala is well worth checking-out.

View Hala by motivoweb


18. Argenta – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Argenta is a contemporary, create WordPress theme with a focus towards displaying your portfolio/works in creative and flexible ways.

A great example of the themes stylish approach to portfolio items can be here in this example – what appears to be a regular filterable grid actually is a stunning animated gallery for your projects (just click on any to see what I mean). Argenta has the usual core base of plugins for extra functionality also, so Visual Composer fans can rejoice.

View Argenta by colabrio


19. Vinero – Creative MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Sometimes, a minimal approach and really compliment your content, especially if your a photographer or simply wish to make your content the main focus of your – this is where the beautiful Vinero comes in.

Despite its simplistic design, you still get a fully featured building experience courtesy of Visual Composer, meaning not only is Vinero stunning it look at, its simple to use too!

View Vinero by VLThemes


20. Spark – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Whilst not being terribly inventive, Spark for WordPress provides a solid and familiar style of design and an easy to pickup workflow thanks to its chosen page building plugin, Visual Composer.

What I really like about Spark is the 12 pre-made demos which, rather than being simple image swaps which you can see in some more dubious examples of multipurpose themes, they really feel that they have actually thought about the design within each one.

View Spark by css4


21. The Simple – Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme

Ok so, im not a fan of the name, but ‘The Simple’ WordPress theme lives up to its name thanks to a very powerful but incredible straightforward setup process. During initial setup, the theme takes you through a series of options and sets things up accordingly, so you can be rocking one of the 30+ bundles demos, tailored to your needs, in just a few clicks.

The Simple is also bundled with the ever-present Visual Composer plugin, packed with a host of custom elements which really give you creative control over your content.

View The Simple by ellethemes


22. Denver – Flexible Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Finally, the last of our theme recommendations brings us to Denver, a beautiful albeit traditional approach to multipurpose themes.

Powered by Visual Composer, Denver blends a modern design with simple to use features as well as a host of layout possibilities thanks to many custom elements. The theme also offers a feature-rich portfolio area for showcasing your works at their best.

View Denver by Aisconverse

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