UK Foley Studio “The Foley Barn” Uses Stack Theme

UK Foley Studio The Foley Barn

Today, we’re trying something new, a profile of one of our theme users. UK Foley Studio The Foley Barn have been using our flagship WordPress Theme, Stack, to great effect.

The Foley Barn are a recent startup based in the UK creating high quality Foley Sound for major films and television. They’ve been active for just under a year at this point and already have major productions and award nominations under their belt.

Interestingly The Foley Barn began their website by using our theme Pillar, and have since switched to using Stack to create their site. Owner Julien Pirrie has mentioned they made the switch to take advantage of the speed and SEO gains from using Variant Page Builder, over Visual Composer, which is the only option available currently to Pillar.

How they’re using Stack to great effect

Here at TommusRhodus, we’re so proud of Stack, it’s our best selling theme of all time, and it’s super highly rated. Over at The Foley Barn, owner and CEO Julien Pirrie also echoes our sentiments. The main perks that The Foley Barn with Stack is their ability to run SEO exercises really easily. Along with a smoking fast page speed, Stack is also compatible with top SEO plugins, Yoast SEO, Caches, Page Optimisation etc.

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