Using Free WordPress themes vs Premium WordPress themes

So you have a rock solid idea for a new site or blog – or perhaps your a small business looking to make your 1st WordPress powered website. the 1st question on your mind is what theme to use. Of your on a budget, you may be tempted to just head over to theme directory and choose something that resembles what your aiming for, but there are some serious considerations to think about before-hand which may make the small investment into a Premium WordPress theme make much more sense in the long-run.

What exactly is a Premium Theme?

First and foremost, its important to know what a real Premium Theme is. On the surface of things, a Premium WordPress theme offers exceptional styling – something which will of course only help built trust in your online presence, but the reality is much more than just aesthetics, which we will explore below.

Expanded Functionality

A Premium theme such as Foundry offers so much more functionality that any free WP theme available all under one easy to use package. Whilst it would be possible to take a free theme and use plugins to add things such as a portfolio area, team area etc, what this will lead to is not only an excessive amount of files to be loaded when people view your site (affecting your pages loading speed) as well as a mix-match of styling.

A well rounded Premium offers all the functionality you need, in one neat package and styled to the highest standards, meaning everything is consistent across your site.

Ease of Use

Whilst some free themes may offer may options for content/layouts/colors etc, if these options are not easy to use/find, they may as well not exist. This is another area where a premium theme shines. In the case of our new blogging theme, Fulford, everything is handled by one very simple set of theme options powered by WordPress’s built in Customizer API, so you can not only tweak may elements with ease, you can preview your changes live before publishing them.

For bigger themes such as Foundry – a page builder is used to make things even simpler. You can create awesome pages in no times with a simple UI. No free theme offers this kind of functionality and given how it can seriously speed up your development time when building your sites pages, its well worth the small investing for this alone.

Professional Design

Although we did touch on this above, its worth mentioning that when you buy a Premium theme, your buying a professional, considered and developed design. Although this may not be high on your list of priorities initially, its worth realizing that purchasing a theme will not only make your site look profession from the get-go, which in turn will wow your users and help create a good reputation with your site.


This is probably the most crucial aspect and consideration when weighting up if you should splash out the $59 for your new theme. In most cases, free themes simply do not come with support, and whilst thats totally fair (nobody should work for nothing in return) it does mean that should you run into any problems you have no one to turn to expect frantic google searches.

A premium theme from us comes with at least 6 months of support included, this means that you have a WordPress expert on hand at all times. In most cases your questions will be answered in no time and our many excellent reviews confirm that our customers love us for it.

What Next?

Hopefully by now you can see that its really worth investing a little in a decent Premium theme, so be sure to check out these tips on choosing the best premium theme for you.

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