Variant is Coming to Stack


Those of you who follow our blog will be aware of our upcoming WordPress theme, Stack, which we originally touted for release late feb 2017, so you may be wondering where our latest masterpiece is and, well – we have some exciting news! The excellent Variant builder, from our amazing partners Medium Rare is coming to WordPress!

If you are not familiar with Variant – basically its a very intuitive drag and drop builder which lets you build pages in seconds by allowing you to simply drag and drop complete sections to create fully featured pages in no time. These sections are pre-defined blocks of content, such as hero areas, service areas etc and are an ideal, broad solution for creating pages quickly and easily.

Basic editing can be carried out via the usual WordPress WYSIWYG (the editor used for regular posts/pages etc) so customising the text and images is a breeze.

But what about Visual Composer? Well, we love Visual Composer here at TommusRhodus, so for those of you out there who would like more granular control of your content/design – we will be including both Variant and Visual Composer for true flexibility and choice.

We are very excited to offer a truly unique experience in the WordPress universe, and once we have finalised the implementation you can see just how excellent Variant is in our upcoming theme, Stack for WordPress.

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  1. I just took this for a spin, and I have to say, it was even easier to use than the Variant static page builder. Pretty cool that it inserts really clean markup. Any chance this is coming to Pillar?

    1. We’re definitely going to be looking at rolling Variant WP into our other themes, and Pillar would definitely be the first target! We’ve got quite a few things to do to make that happen though, so it may not be for a few months.

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