WP Basics – Categories vs Tags and How to Use Them

Given WordPress is a blogging platform at heart, most of you out there will be using WP to share your thoughts via your posts – but when it comes to categorizing your posts it can be confusing knowing how to best use the category and tagging system WP is built upon. This post aims to explain what each feature does, and how to put them to use to ensure your content is not only easier to find, but also more search engine friendly.

The best way to explain categories is they are essentially ‘folders’ which are used to segment your content into various sub-genres, so as an example, if you are creating a blog all about movies, then you may wish to divide your posts into sub-genres such as horror, comedy or action. To complement this, you could then use tags to highlight certain actors, directors etc which act as a link across all your posts.

A great example of this kind of categorization/interlinking content can be found over at imdb which using tags to sublime effect, meaning that when your searching for info on your favourite film you can click on the name of an actor within that film and see a list of all of there other roles. It creates a spider web of content which your users will be happy to browser for hours.

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