WP Basics – How to Install Plugins

When working with WordPress, part of the appeal of the platform comes from the unparalleled extendibility offered by the wonderful range of plugins available. This post will show you how to install plugins from places such as wordpress.org as well as other repositories such as CodeCanyon or other marketplaces.

Installing from the WordPress.org repository


Im going to cover this first as in most cases, this will be the 1st area you head to when adding/researching a plugin for your site. Installing a plugin from WordPress.org is a very simple process as you can do this directly from your WP admin area. To begin, simply head to Plugins > Add New and enter either the plugin name or a search term into the box provided (ideally the plugin name as the search process is a little lacklustre at present)


Once you have located the plugin your wish to install, simply this the Install Now button and let wordpress handle the rest for you. Once installed, you can then activate the plugins and begin making your site even more wonderful!


Installing plugins via FTP

This method is used when installing plugins from other sources (it can also be used for plugins from WP.org also, however the above method is by far the easiest options). You will need a FTP client in order to proceed so if you dont already have one, Id suggest to go grab one right away – FileZilla is a great choice for Windows users.

To begin, load up your FTP client and connect to your site. Once connected, you will need to navigate to your plugins directory, which in a standard WP installation is wp-content/plugins/ however this may be a little different in some case (if you have any doubts please contact your hosts)

Once connected, upload the plugin in its unzipped format.


When the upload is complete, you must now login to your site and navigate to the Plugins section of your admin to activate the plugin. Simply locate the plugin you have uploaded and hit the activate link and your all set.

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