WP Basics – How To Install WordPress

In this post I hope to provide you with detailed instructions on how to install WordPress on your server. Although most hosts now offer easy installation through scripts such as Softalucous or SimpleScripts – sometimes this is not available so were going to cover the process of manually installing via FTP.

Step 1 – Download WordPress

Well, it goes without saying really but your going to need to WordPress files to begin the process. If you dont have them already, head over to WordPress.org  and hit the big ‘Download’ button. You will receive a zip file which contains all of the goodies which make your favourite CMS happen.

Once downloaded, extract the files to somewhere handy on your machine (id suggest the desktop) – your going to need these for the next step.

Step 2 – Upload WordPress via FTP

Now you have your WordPress files ready, your going to need to open up your favourite FTP program and upload the contents to your server. If you do not currently have an FTP program, a great free solution (for Windows at least) is FileZilla (my own app of choice). Your going to need your FTP details (which your host can provide if you dont have them to hand) in order to connect to your server, but once connect upload the files to where you wish the installation to take place.

NOTE – in most cases, the root www directory is fine, however you can install to a sub-folder if you wish.

Step 3 – Create a Database

Ok so now we need to give WordPress a home on your server. The main thing you will need is a database for WordPress to connect to (this is where all of the data which powers your new site is stored). Most hosts make this process very simple, usually you can log into your cpanel and simply open up phpmyadmin however many hosts now offer even simpler solutions which handle the process of creating users etc for you – so head over to your hosts support area for more details on this.

Step 4 – Begin The Iinstallation

At this point, you have your WordPress files sat in your server, and a database ready to power it – so now its time to join to the two up and get WordPress installed and ready for use.

To begin with, open up your browser and navigate to your domain – once there, you will be prompted with an installation screen asking you to choose your language, simply follow the instructions (filling in your server details along the way) and your all set.

What Next?

Your probably going to begin with a solid theme to base your brand new site upon, why not check out our portfolio of highly rated premium WordPress Themes

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