WP Basics – WordPress Settings Overview : Discussion, Media and Permalinks

In this post we will take a dive through the Settings area of your WordPress admin area. For some this is a rarely visited zone of confusion, so we are going to explorer what options are available here, what they do, and how to set things up ‘the right way’. Today we will continue our settings series by exploring the Discussion, Media and Permalinks settings.

Discussion Options

Default Article settings: Here you can setup the default settings for comments on your blog. This can be handy if you wish to disable all blog comments as simplu unchanging this option will disable comments on all new posts.

Other Comment Settings: This is where you can choose to close the comments area of a post after a certain timeframe, as well as what information is required from any would-be commenter.

Email Me Whenever: Here you can tell WP what notification to send you. On a low traffic site it may be nice to receive an email when a user comments, so use this settings to get this setup.

Comment Moderation: This area allows you to set red-flags for certain comment keywords etc. This means that should a user leave a comment which contains any dubious content, you will need to manually review and moderate the comment before it can be seen to the public.

Media Settings

This area contains just a few options for tweaking the various default image settings used by WP. In most cases, this is all handled by the theme so there is very little chance you need to visit this page

Permalink Settings

Common Settings: This is certainly one of the more crucial options available in WP. The permalink settings control the URLs your site uses. By default WP uses quite untidy URLs for your posts and pages which do little for your SEO, so using this area you can tidy and tweak these urls as you wish. A good ‘go-to’ setting is ‘postname’ which is commonly used throughout the web.

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